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Spirulina Farms Boosts Poor Communities

Awesome – Spirulina farms to help public health in poor communities and create employment opportunities.

Not only is Spirulina great for your body and mind it is also a great product to boost the economy and eliminate malnutrition.  What a worthwhile cause this is.


Photo courtesy Nall Farm, India

Attached below is the link to find out more about how Spirulina Benefits You and the community.

Click the link to read article: http://www.enpicbcmed.eu/calls-for-proposals/content/spirulina-farms


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High-protein helps weight loss | Health | BigPond News

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“Green Superfood” Spirulina is high in protein 85-95% digestible making it one of the highest protein supplements available. Did you know that Spirulina is a complete protein and is higher than any of the common foods that we take for protein ie. meat, eggs.

The reason why high protein helps with weight loss is due to the fact that the high protein in Spirulina speeds up your metabolism. Metabolism is the factor that influences your weight loss. Spirulina is a known natural food source of good quality protein.

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Watch this 8 month old baby who loooves his Spirulina Smoothie Drink

Isn’t he the cutest.  Even babies know how Spirulina Benefits You 🙂


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Does Spirulina Make Your Children Smarter by 81%?


Well according to a ground breaking study of how Spirulina benefits you and your children it was recently revealed researchers had found that after supplementing the diets of 1,567 school children with only one gram of Spirulina per day for a 6 month period they observed a massive 81% average improvement in the students’ academic scores.

Well this is hardly surprising considering that Spirulina contains very high amounts of GLA which is an essential fatty acid that is found only in mother’s milk. This GLA plays a very vital role in balancing the hormonal system in your children’s body making it actually very good to give Spirulina to your children to help them in brain building as well as feeding their nervous system. This means in simple terms that Spirulina is the fuel that will boost your child’s overall development and growth.

The dosage of Spirulina for your children is to give them half of what is recommended for adults. However for your teenage children they can take the dosage close to that of an adult.  Note:  It is recommended not to give your children Spirulina close to bedtime as it can cause sleeplessness which you should also bear in mind for yourself.  So give your child a nutritious smoothie and help them grow smart, fit and healthy.


Isn’t it great to know that one of the most astounding dietary products for the human body comes from a product located in the aquatics, in particular, algae. 

Spirulina can be located in the seas of tropic and sub-tropic spots all over the earth and is taken out of cytobacteria and chlorophyll. So isn’t reassuring to know that the awesomeness health reward for your children by taking Spirulina daily, which has been naturally grown is more dependable than alternative formulated man-made synthetic products.

Once again in my article I am excited to share with you another example of the outstanding dietary effectiveness in how the astounding health supplement benefits of Spirulina benefits you and your family.



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Dana Carvey Resurrects Regis Philbin on ‘Live!’ – ABC News and mentions Spirulina

Just for some light comedy I thought I would add this video of a ‘Live’ TV show because my favourite blue green algae “superfood” has been made worthy enough to be mentioned. Sure it was in a context of good fun joke but hey any source of marketing is of great value in my opinion 🙂

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Dr. Mercola Describes the Super Fruit Spirulina | Health

Dr. Joe Mercola recommends one super fruit which enables ward you from the consequences of radiation: Spirulina

Dr Mercola blogs about how Spirulina benefits you with its powerful punch of antioxidants that assists fighting disease and eliminate toxins. Gotta love the awesomeness of Spirulina!

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One of My Favourite Spirulina Drink Recipes

Spirulina Benefits You brings to you…

This was the first recipe I found for making a quick, easy and delicious Spirulina Drink.  I have this every morning except I also add freshly squeezed lemon and 2 teaspoons of chia seeds.  It really sustains my energy for quite some time.

So enjoy making your sweet Spirulina Drink and be amazed how yummy it actually does taste.

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The Benefits of Spirulina by Dr Joseph Mercola

Dr Joseph Mercola You Tube Video


Watch the above educational You Tube Video by Dr. Joseph Mercola about how Spirulina BenefitsYou.  He also explains the importance of choosing the right sort of Spirulina.  So make sure when choosing the best Spirulina you purchase either an organic brand or Hawaiian Spirulina.

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